Welcome to my clinic

Human body is a mini eco-system, with heat like the Sun, with growth like trees, with air as in the sky, with cooling like water and with that's all-embracing like earth.

The circulating and self-sustaining transformation between mass and energy is key to our health. Women's health, especially, depends on a clear "growth and function" cycle of menstruation. It's my goal to restore my patient's internal eco-system to its natural peaceful state.

Diagnosis is the most crucial step in my clinic; treatment tools include acupuncture, Chinese & other natural herbs, prescription of delicious herbal tea & dishes, prescription of targeted Qi gong exercise, and manual therapy.

The clinic is at 1340 S. De Anza Blvd, San Jose, CA 95129 as well as online; you can reach me at laurasclinic@gmail.com or 408-579-9139. More about me.

Menopause: aging gracefully with Chinese medicine -- My talks on women's menopause care (in Mandarin Chinese) -- more videos at my channel:Energy Mass Clinic